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Community Wildfire Prevention Services

The Wildfire Foundation offers services and solutions to Fire Safe Councils, Firewise USA® and other Fire Prevention Communities

Simplify the Formation & Management of Fire Safe Councils
and Firewise Communities


Why do communities need help?

After going through the process of starting up and maintaining Fire Safe Councils and Firewise Communities multiple times ourselves, it became quite clear to us that it is a complicated, convoluted bureaucratic process, followed by ongoing maintenance requirements that are not easy to do or manage.


The demands, compliance requirements, and ongoing reporting needs from related local, state and federal agencies, require time and resources–something your average volunteer organization lacks. These requirements, although perfectly reasonable and logical, put a tremendous burden and responsibility on small community volunteers–resulting in a deterrence of volunteers and community leadership–and therefore limiting the growth of important community-lead wildfire prevention initiatives.

Growing an engaged audience of residents who are willing to learn and take action is not easy. It takes time, methodologies and experience.

The Wildfire Foundation offers knowledge, services, and proven easy-to-use online solution systems to enable your community to get through the setup, approval and ongoing consulting and maintenance of a Fire Safe Council or Firewise Community.


We assist with the Formation of Fire Safe Councils

Our consultants assists California cities and communities in forming Fire Safe Councils.

We assist you with:

  • Wildfire Risk Assessments (WRA)
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP)
  • Identifying and Partnering with Stakeholders
  • Identifying and Developing Community Leadership
  • Training and Cultivating Community Team Leaders
  • Supporting Communities throught their growth

We assist with the Formation of NFPA® Firewise Communities

Our team assists communities and HOAs in forming and getting recognition as a Firewise Community.

Our proprietary Resident Marketing System™ is the preferred solution and digital infrastructure to engage, manage, track and create reports helping to keep communities Firewise compliant.

Resident Management System™

The Resident Management System™ (RMS) assists communities to acquire, grow, educate, and manage their residents. It removes the Firewise USA® maintenance and compliance reporting obstacles for communities and HOAs.

The Resident Management System™ is the preferred solution and digital infrastructure to engage, manage, track, and create required reporting that helps to keep communities Firewise compliant.

Capacity Building and Audience Development

Capacity Building is fundamentally about improving the effectiveness of your organization.

Our experience helps you to build, engage, and educate your resident audience.

Resident Education = Action

Our system makes it easy to:

  • Build and engage your resident audience
  • Deliver consistent educational content with frequency
  • Create engagement reports on a granular level by: Community/HOA, Tasks, Dollars, Ownership, and specific Time Frame.
  • Our reports give you the data to see what and where your organization is being effective, and more importantly where it is not being effective. Reports are automatically generated from easy to submit online forms, thus reducing the barrier of collecting resident Firewise task submissions.
  • Easy resident reporting system to report Firewise Volunteer Hours, Investments, and Vegetation Removal.

Resident engagement data will give you the management tools to build the capacity of your organization.

Wildfire Risk Assessment and Community Wildfire Protection Plans Consulting

We assist you in finding the right agency and consultant to complete your Wildfire Risk Assessment (WRA) and Community Wildfire Protection Plans (CWPP).

Grant Identification, Opportunities, Guidance and Knowledge

We assist you in finding the right grants, from the right sources, for your specific project.

Mapping Resources

Mapping is required by most agencies and grant providers. We assist you in defining your residential and open space borders.

Website, Email and Educational Content

An important part of community engagement is being sure that you engage with your residents on a regular basis. We provided quality informative content from experts in their field.

Education = Action

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